Dark Sunglasses – More Than Just UV Protection

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dark sunglassesThe best kind of accessory is one that is both stylish and functional, like a messenger bag or a utility knife. Dark sunglasses can absolutely be categorized as stylish and functional. Available in a vast range of styles, dark sunglasses when purchased in quality optical stores can also be affordable enough to own several pairs in order to complement every look. But how about owning a pair for every use? In addition to shielding the eyes from the sun, dark sunglasses are also highly useful in other capacities. In fact, in many sports, sunglasses are considered an important piece of athletic equipment. Depending on the sport, the style and function of the sunglasses vary and are chosen carefully depending on function. Reputable optical companies suggest considering the following items when choosing sunglasses:
  • Do they provide UV protection?
  • Do they reduce glare?
  • Do they have distortion free lenses?
  • Do they make things seem clearer, especially in bright weather conditions?
UV Protection and More
UV damage to the eyes is not reversible and can lead to many eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration, just to name a few. Dark sunglasses that provide 100 per cent UV protection are the best way to protect eyes and prevent future UV-related eye diseases. Sunglasses can also greatly reduce the risk of sports-related eye injuries, such as impact or penetration to the eye. Another lesser known sports related eye injury is known as radiation of the eye. This injury can occur when participating in sports that involve snow or water. Because snow and water are both highly reflective surfaces they magnify the sun's harsh glares and intensify the damage that UV rays cause. Radiation of the eye exponentially increases the chance of developing UV-related eye disorders.
Reduce Glare, Eliminate Distortion and See More Clearly
Sunglasses, in addition to protecting the eye can also greatly influence athletic performance. Quality optical stores can help improve visibility and enhance performance by providing sunglasses that have the right type of frames and lenses to meet the needs of the athlete like:
  • Constant Colour Density lenses
  • Changeable Colour Density lenses (also known as photochromic)
  • Glass or plastic lenses
  • High Contrast Tinted lenses
  • Polarized lenses
  • Non-glare coating on lenses
  • Prescription lenses
  • Non-prescription lenses
  • Mirrored coating
Professionally trained staff and technicians at reputable optical companies can help the customer make an informed choice. They can explain the options available as well as what the benefits are. Look for a company that offers:
  • Great deals and savings
  • A free unconditional one year single incident frame guarantee
  • Free one hour service at many of their locations
  • Free consultation
  • Free professional cleaning and adjustments
  • To arrange eye examinations
  • A large selection of in-house designs as well as brand names, and signature frames
Optical companies that can offer these types of service and value will also likely have multiple convenient locations where the perfect pair of functional and stylish dark sunglasses are just waiting for you!